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Isn't It All About The Red, White and Blue?

Hello, fellow machine tool folks. It's about time for us to jump on yet another vehicle hurdling down the technology highway, so... here goes.

Welcome to the first issue to our Edge Technologies blog. From time to time, myself, or one of our number, will grace this page with our thoughts, musings, two-bit opinions, tall tales, and the occasional unsubstantiated rumor.

Patriot bar feeder with flag cover To celebrate our fifth year of business under the Edge Technologies banner, we decided to mark what has been a great transition with a little piece of our American pride. This year at IMTS, we honored a U.S. designed Edge product with a special "one-off" edition. We used a stock Patriot 338 barfeeder and wrapped it in a wicked U.S. flag graphic scheme. It clearly stood out at the show, gathering attention from those of all ages. Many people stopping by to take photos of themselves and fellow workers with this "Stars n' Stripes" edition of the Patriot.

This flyin' flag feeder also sent the serious buyers into a scramble for the honor of putting this showpiece in their shop. Before the six-day event ended, our Betsy Ross was sold. She ended up in the great state of Tennessee at Custom Tool. "It was a must purchase" for proud owner Bob Young.

Does anyone have thoughts on a new theme? I'm thinking about doing a FMB Turbo 5-55 with a black and chrome heavy metal look.


Rick Bauer

Rick Bauer

Sales & Operations Manager



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