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Rebel Ecofeed

Make: EDGE | Bar Length: Short | Bar Diameter: 0.196” – 2.63”

The Rebel Ecofeed is a compact bar loading system for CNC lathes. Features include a large magazine capacity, easy programming, audible alarm, axial shift, feed force, an encoder and an easy access control panel.

The Rebel Ecofeed combines advantages of auto bar loading with a small footprint and an economical price.This short loader pneumatically feeds to a turret stop and is built to feed bars in the diameter range of 5-65mm.

Features: Rebel Ecofeed Bar Loader

  • Bar diameter capacity: 5 mm to 67 mm (.196” to 2.630”)
  • Bar length capacity: 48” or 60” (max. bar length determined by spindle length)
  • Magazine capacity is 25 linear inches
  • Mitsubishi PLC controller—powerful & user friendly
  • Easy centerline adjustment using sliding scale
  • Standard x-axis axial shift device
  • Soft load material presentation
  • Remote control pendant
  • No special material straightness restrictions
  • Lathe spindle speed can be maximized
  • Material length can be uniform or random
  • Material can be round, hexagonal or shaped
  • (3) Pushers included: 6 mm, 12 mm, 19 mm
  • Pneumatically feeds to a turret stop
Technical Specifications
Bar diameter capacity:5 mm to 67 mm (.196” to 2.630”)
Maximum bar length:60” (1.5 m model – Standard) (not to exceed spindle length)
48” (1.2 m model – Optional) (not to exceed spindle length)
Magazine rack capacity:650 mm (25”)
Bar loading cycle time:20 seconds
Power consumption:1 kW – (2 kVA)
Operating voltage:230V-60Hz single phase
Control voltage:24V DC
Machine Footprint:75” x 48” (1.5 m model – Standard)
63” x 48” (1.2 m model – Optional)
Machine weight:650 lbs
Spindle Center Height:920 mm to 1300 mm (36.250” – 51.125”)
Air Supply:5-7 bar (70 – 100psi)
Rebel Ecofeed Diagram