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FleXsys LE

The FleXsys LE is a loading and unloading system for automation, specifically long shaft jobs. The loader is designed to feed and retract bar stock up to 66” long with single spindle CNC lathes, maximizing your productivity and minimizing down time.

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Specifications: FleXsys LE

  • The FleXsys LE can handle bar stock up to 2.5” diameter and lengths up to 37”
  • Load & unload table trays are 30” in length and are adjustable to increase or decrease incline
  • Each new shaft is fed to a positive stop for machining operations (Accuracy is dependent on lathe turret positioning repeatability and use of a dead length collet chuck)
  • Easy loading of parts from the operator side of machine tool
  • No marking or damage to the shafts
  • Easy changeover separation system for different diameters
  • Part insertion into pusher collet is done by gripper system that requires no adjustment for different diameters
  • Part ejection through an ejector pin style pusher collet
  • Fast load & unload cycle time minimizes non-cutting time
  • Programmable HMI
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