Micromag 20 Bar Feeder

The FMB Micromag is a magazine style automatic bar feeder for bar stock diameters ranging from 0.8–20 mm. This precision bar feeder is specifically designed for small Swiss type lathes.

The Micromag is also a bar loader for all swiss type lathes up to 20mm with a nominal passage, which is designed for permanent or occasional operation with the smallest diameter ranges.

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Specifications: Micromag 20

  • Bar diameter capacity: 0.8 mm to 20 mm (.0310” to .787”)
  • Automatic loading magazine — 9 linear inches of rack capacity
  • Walking beam bar separation system (patent pending)—drops out of the way when running larger diameter bars - 21 bar capacity
  • Polyurethane guide channel system — noise & vibration dampening
  • Ultra quick change guide channels and pusher—10 minute full changeover, 3 minute changeover within same channel set
  • Hydrodynamic support via high volume oil flow into channels
  • Omron motion control — dependable and user friendly, allows easy bar feeder parameter changes
  • Bearing block steady rest. Super rigid design is mounted to base of the machine to provide maximum support of bar stock and pusher
  • Separate floor mounted electric cabinet isolates electronics from vibration

Standard Features

  • (1) Guide channel set to be chosen by customer. Several sizes to choose from, each handling a specific stock range. See chart on next page. (spindle liner required if channel set is not lathe’s max capacity)
  • (1) Universal telescoping front nose and (1) nose I.D. liner specific to pusher
  • (1) O.D. bar stock collet (to be chosen by customer, specific collet needed for each stock diameter)
  • Swiss headstock synchronization device
  • Automatic remnant retraction, self centering gripper
  • Custom lathe cable and interface plugs
  • Polyurethane bushing blocks (2 pieces)
Technical Specifications
Bar diameter capacity-no bar preparation:0.8 mm to 20 mm (.031” to .787”)
Bar diameter capacity-with bar preparation:0.8 mm to 23 mm (.031” to .905”)
Maximum bar length:3800 mm (12 feet 5 inches)
Minimum bar length:1000 mm (39.400”)
Maximum remnant length:320 mm (12”)
Magazine rack capacity:9”
Bar loading cycle time:25 seconds for 12 foot bar
Material straightness specification:.007” TIR/foot of material (V blocks, 3 points equidistant)
Feed force (pusher torque):max 300 N, adjustable
Forward feed rate:710 inches/minute max, adjustable
Return feed rate:1420 inches/ minute max, adjustable
Power consumption:1.5 kW - (2 kVA)
Operating voltage:230V/60Hz 3-phase
Control voltage:24V DC
Oil capacity:50 liters (13.2 gallons)
Oil viscosity:ISO 100 cST
Compressed air supply:6 bar (90 psi)
Compressed air consumption:approx. 3 liters per loading cycle
Machine weight (without oil):1,950 lbs
Guide Channel Sets Pusher Diameter Minimum Bar Size Maximum Bar
Max. Bar Size With Front Remnant Expulsion *
Ø 5 mm 5 mm 0.8 mm (.031”) 4 mm (.157”) 5 mm (.196”)
Ø 7 mm 7 mm 1.6 mm (.063”) 6.4 mm (.250”) 7 mm (.275”)
Ø 10 mm 10 mm 2.4 mm (.094”) 8 mm (.315”) 10 mm (.393”)
Ø 13 mm 13 mm 2.4 mm (.094”) 11.25 mm (.443”) 13 mm (.511”)
Ø 15 mm 15 mm 3.2 mm (.125”) 13.5 mm (.531”) 15 mm (.590”)
Ø 18 mm 18 mm 6.5 mm (.255”) 16.75 mm (.659”) 18 mm (.708”)
Ø 20 mm 20 mm 8 mm (.315”) 18 mm (.708”) 20 mm (.787”)
Ø 22 mm 22 mm 8 mm (.315”) 20 mm (.787”) 22 mm (.866”)
Ø 23 mm 23 mm 10 mm (.393”) 20 mm (.787”) 23 mm (.905”)
Edge Minuteman Technical Specifications

Features: Micromag 20

Swiss Headstock Synch

Polyurethane guide channels offer quick changeover to different bar stock. Within minutes, bar feeder is converted to new channel set.

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Quick-Change Guide Channels

A mechanical gripping device is used to both insert the new bar into the bar stock collet and to extract the remnant.

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Bar Stock Alignment Guides

The design of the material guides on the storage table efficiently keeps the bars separate and yet are simple and easy to adjust for different material sizes.

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Block Steady Rest

This device guides the round and profiled bar material between the guide channel and the lathe.

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Bar Pusher

The gripper device holds and inserts the new bar into the bar collet and is also used to extract the remnant.

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Walking Beam for Small Bar Applications

Easy options guarantee interaction between bar feeder and CNC lathe. Parameters shown on text display.

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