Rebel 102 Servo SE

The Rebel 102 Servo SE is a compact bar loading system for processing bars in the diameter range of 8 - 102mm and in lengths up to 1520mm (5’) for CNC lathes.

With a large magazine capacity allowing for long unattended operation, the Rebel 102 bar feeder combines the advantages of auto bar loading with a small footprint at an economical price.

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Specs: Rebel 102 Servo SE

  • Bar diameter capacity: 8 mm to 102 mm (.315” to 4.000”)
  • Bar length capacity: 60” (max. bar length determined by spindle length)
  • Magazine capacity is 30 linear inches
  • Mitsubishi PLC controller—powerful & user friendly
  • Full automatic adjust for bar diameter & part length
  • Automatic adjusts pusher force for bar size
  • Soft load material presentation
  • Spindle liner storage included on rear of stand

Standard Features

  • All electric operation—no shop air required
  • Fixed piece feedout and sub-spindle mode
  • Touch screen control (HMI)
  • Program memory for 300 specific jobs
  • Return and wait function (reduces bar change time by 30%)
  • Standard X axial shift device (Z optional)
  • Includes 10 mm and 19 mm pushers
Technical Specifications
Bar diameter capacity:8 mm to 102 mm (.315” to 4.000”)
Maximum bar length:60” (Not to exceed spindle length)
Magazine rack capacity:30” (762 mm)
Bar loading cycle time:20 seconds
Power consumption:1 kW - (1.5 kVA)
Operating voltage:230V/60Hz 3-phase
Control voltage:24V DC
Machine Footprint:84” x 48”
Machine weight:1,100 lbs
Bar weight:175 lbs per bar (1500 lbs magazine max)
Edge Minuteman Technical Specifications

Features: Rebel 102 Servo SE

All Electric Operation

The Rebel 102 SE runs entirely on electricity, no shop air required.

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Axial Shift

The axial shift allows for maintenance access to the back of the lathe spindle. The axial track is standard in X axis.

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Linear Feed & Servo Drive

The bar stock is loaded into the main spindle of the lathe by a linear feed mechanism with a toothed belt and servomotor.

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Soft Load

Material is lifted up to centerline height. Manual diameter adjustment is indicated in Metric and English increments.

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Conversational Programming

User friendly software delivers fast set-up on easier jobs and powerful advanced features for more sophisticated demands.

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Remote Control Axis Jog

Using the control pendant, the operator can choose either forward or reverse pusher travel while the Rebel is in manual mode.

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