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Rebel 80 Servo Unloader

Make: EDGE | Bar Length: Short | Bar Diameter: 0.315” – 3.150”

The Rebel 80 Servo Unloader is a compact unloading system for CNC lathes for parts in the diameter range of 8 – 80mm. Parts are gently extracted from the sub-spindle of single-spindle lathes.

With a large magazine capacity allowing for long unattended operation, the Rebel combines the advantages of auto part unloading with a small footprint and an economical price.

Features: Rebel 80 Servo Unloader

  • Center Line Height: 950mm (38″) – 1350mm (53.100″)
  • Bar Diameter Capacity: 8 mm to 80 mm (.315” to 3.150”)*
  • Bar Length Capacity: 152mm (6″) – 915mm (36″)*
  • Rapid Return Rate: 1300mm/sec (4’/sec)
  • Unload Time: 5-20 seconds
  • Operating Voltage: Electric supply 230V (60Hz) – 3Ph
  • Power Consumption: 1kW-(1.5kVA)
  • Extraction Rod: One (1) included
  • Rack Capacity: 720mm (28”)
  • X & Z Axial Track Travel: X Axis = 760mm
    Z Axis = 760mm
  • Chip Conveyor: Low Profile or Rear Required
  • Weight: 1100lbs

* Bar length must not exceed the measured length from front of chuck jaw/collet

  • Z Axial shift device
  • Lathe spindle liners
  • 90° rollers
  • Rear unload
  • Load/unload option
  • V-Tray kit
  • Optional V-Tray (When gap bwetween lathe sheet metal and spindles coolant collector exceeds 8″)

End Effectors

collet effector
feed fingers
Feed Fingers
angular gripper
Angular Gripper
expansion ID gripper
Expansion ID Gripper
three point gripper
Three (3) Point Gripper
electro magnetic effector
Electro-Magnetic Effector

Edge Rebel 80 Servo Unloader diagram