“I did the math on it after purchasing the machine, and we basically paid off the machine within six months of purchase.” In this video, Brad Loyet shares the value that our Rebel V-65 short loader brought to his business!
Customer satisfaction is our top priority here at Edge Technologies. Hear what Mike Merrill, foreman at Swiss Automation Inc., has to say about our bar feeders and customer service. “FMB is a preferred bar loader of Swiss Automation.” We are delighted to be in collaboration with Swiss Automation Inc.

Reliability is a priority here at Edge Technologies from our machines, customer satisfaction, and everything in between. In this video, we sat down with one of our customers, Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, to hear a few of their employees attest to this.

Geoff from AMPG talks about reliability, customer satisfaction, and successful lights-out production with the help of Edge Technologies’ bar feeders and team. Special thanks to Tony Gunn and MTDCNC for capturing this great interview.