• Perfect for smaller applications (think medical) and loaded with features, the Edge Technologies Ranger 112 is the smart & economical solution for small diameter bar feeding.

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  • Extremely water-soluble coolant mist collection system specifically designed for machine tools performing wet machining operations.

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  • Economical Bar Feeding Solutions
    The Edge Technologies' line of bar feeders are the economical solution for your bar feeding needs. These bar feeders are designed... Read More
  • "Heavy Metal"
    The FMB product line of bar feeders and bar loaders covers all of your lathe automation needs. From the Micromag 18 up to the robust Turbo 8-80...
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  • Schlenker Collets
    & Guide Bushings
    Schlenker is a unique, versatile manufacturer of high quality German collets and guide bushings for all common machine types.
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Edge Technologies & FMB Machinery
Bar Feeder Systems | Lathe Automation Solutions

Thirty years in the bar feeding business and over 11,000 installations have made Edge Technologies synonymous with automatic magazine bar feeders in the North American machine tool marketplace. Our reputation for technical competence and delivering high customer satisfaction reflects the focus and passion that we bring to the business.

With the broadest two-tier CNC lathe bar feeder line-up in the business, both in size range and price points, Edge Technologies has the best match for your application and capital budget.

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From space saving short bar loaders that handle 4” bars up to 60” in length to 12-foot and 6-foot magazine loaders that can feed up to 2” diameter - the EDGE line of bar feeders have both defined and established the standard in the segment we term “economical excellence”.

Whether your needs are short run production bar work with high changeover or higher demand production work, there is an Edge product ready to deliver outstanding value and performance to your application.

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German based FMB Machinery produced the first modern day automatic magazine bar feeders in the late 1970’s and is recognized as the global industry leader. The equipment’s legendary reputation for excellent design, construction & performance are well known in the European and U.S production bar working segments.

Earning the nickname “Heavy Metal” - the FMB Turbo Series offers a premium lineup of nine distinct automatic bar feeder models that cover diameter requirements from 0.8mm (.031”) to 102mm (4”) and bar length requirements from standard 6 and 12-foot models to factory-order 40-foot units.