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Vortex Oil Mist Collector

Why the Vortex Oil Mist Collector?

  • Multi-stage progressive oil mist filtration
  • High-efficiency fiber-bed filter
  • Filters down to .3μm particle size using final-stage HEPA filter
  • Small 15”x15” footprint
  • Recycles oil and drains back into cnc machine sump
  • Low operating cost
  • Low maintenance

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Vortex Air Filtration Systems brochure

Learn about the Vortex OS Oil Mist Collector:

Features: Vortex OS

  • Easy access for 1st & 2nd-Stage filter removal
  • Choice of mounts: machine, stand, wall, or ceiling
  • Airflow capacities from 500 – 600 CFM

Effectively Removes

  • Oil Mist
  • Smoke
  • Fine Particles

Mounting Configurations

  • Top mount
  • Side mount
  • Pedestal mount
  • Wall mount
  • Suspension kit
  • Floor stand

Vortex Oil Mist Collector Air Flow

Vortex OS-550 exploded view

1 – 1st-Stage Separation: The innovative 1st stage mechanical element separates up to 90% of the oil mist and swarf. The smooth metal surfaces quickly drains fluid back to the sump.

2 – 2nd-Stage Separation: The 2nd stage de-mister element supports the 1st stage to ensure up to 95% of the mist and swarf are removed with washable filters.

3 – 3rd-Stage Fiber Filter: 3rd stage Fiber Bed mist filter is depth loading that captures small mist particles. MERV 15* filter rating.

*Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value is a measurement scale representing performance of a filter when dealing with particles in a range of 0.3 to 10 micrometers. The MERV rating is from 1 to 16.

4 – 4th-Stage HEPA Filter: 4th stage HEPA Filter captures sub-micron mist, smoke and bacteria. Efficiency 95% @ 0.3 μm is standard.


Vortex OS-550 machine dimensions
Technical Data
Model Suitable Cabin Size
(CF Cubic Feet)
Machine Tool Enclosure Motor Voltage (amps)
Temperature Weight Length x
Width x
Inlet Connection Sound
OS-550 <200CF


500-600 CFM 0.75 hp 230/3/60 (1.57)
460/3/60 (0.95)
160°F/70°C 75 lb 15″x15″x30″ 6”Ø 68 dB(a)

CONTACT VORTEX SALES: (314) 810-3861