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Vortex Mist Collectors

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Improving shop safety, employee retention, creating a healthy environment, and reduced HVAC costs – all be achieved by adding Vortex Coolant Mist or Vortex Oil Mist collectors to your facility.

Edge Technologies has developed two extremely capable and efficient air filtration systems developed specifically to collect and filter mist produced by machining operations in your shop.  The process of capturing and filtering hard cutting oils and water soluble coolants, in your shop environment, takes very different mist filtration techniques. This is the reason Edge has produced a different compact mist collector for each specific shop-floor application.

Contact Edge Technologies to completely eliminate harmful metal cutting machining mist from your facility today!”

If you have a question regarding the Vortex line-up, feel free to reach out to our Vortex Product Manager Dan Borders at (314) 692-8388.