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Turbo 5-65 Bar Feeder

Make: FMB | Bar Length: 6', 12' | Bar Diameter: 0.196” – 2.559”

The FMB Turbo 5-65, available in 6′ or 12′ configurations, is an automatic bar feeder for processing bars in the diameter range of 5-65mm and in lengths up to 3200mm, 3800mm, or 4200mm on machine tools. Quick change polyurethane guide channels allow for quiet operation at high RPM while feeding round, square or hex bar stock.

Features: Turbo 5-65 Bar Feeder

Technical Specifications
Bar diameter capacity-no bar preparation:5 mm to 62 mm (.196” to 2.440”)
Bar diameter capacity-with bar preparation:5 mm to 67 mm (.196” to 2.637”)
Maximum bar length:3800 mm (12 feet 5 inches)
Minimum bar length:1000 mm (39.400”)
Maximum remnant length:530 mm (20.800”)
Magazine rack capacity:11”
Magazine rack angle:adjustable 6–20°
Bar loading cycle time:35 seconds for 12-foot bar
Material straightness specification:.007” TIR/foot of material (V blocks, 3 points equidistant)
Feed force (pusher torque):max 750 N, adjustable
Forward feed rate:2360 inches/minute max, adjustable
In-feed rate:0-1650 inches/minute max, adjustable
Power consumption:1.5 kW – (2 kVA)
Operating voltage:230V/60Hz 3-phase
Control voltage:24V DC
Oil capacity:80 liters (22 gallons)
Oil viscosity:ISO 150 cST
Compressed air supply:6 bar (90 psi)
Compressed air consumption:approx. 10 liters per loading cycle
Machine weight (without oil):6,400 lbs
Guide Channel SetsPusher DiameterMinimum Bar SizeMaximum Bar SizeMax. Bar Size With Front Remnant Expulsion *
Ø 15 mm15 mm5 mm (.196”)13 mm (.511”)15 mm (.590”)
Ø 20 mm20 mm6 mm (.236”)17.5 mm (.688”)20 mm (.787”)
Ø 25 mm25 mm10 mm (.393”)23 mm (.906”)25 mm (.984”)
Ø 32 mm32 mm10 mm (.393”)29 mm (1.141”)32 mm (1.259”)
Ø 36 mm36 mm12.7 mm (.500”)33 mm (1.299”)36 mm (1.417”)
Ø 38 mm37 or 38 mm12.7 mm (.500”)35 mm (1.378”)38 mm (1.500”)
Ø 42 mm42 mm17 mm (.669”)38.5 mm (1.515”)42 mm (1.653”)
Ø 45 mm45 mm19 mm (.750”)42 mm (1.653”)45 mm (1.771”)
Ø 51 mm51 mm25.4 mm (1.000”)48.7 mm (1.917”)51 mm (2.007”)
Ø 55 mm55 mm25.4 mm (1.000”)51 mm (2.000”)55 mm (2.165”)
Ø 60 mm60 mm35 mm (1.378”)56 mm (2.204”)60 mm (2.362”)
Ø 65 mm65 mm40 mm (1.574”)62 mm (2.44”)65 mm (2.559”)
Ø 67 mm67 mm40 mm (1.574”)63.5 mm (2.50”)67 mm (2.637”)

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