Bar Feeder How-To: Roller Steady Adjust an FMB Turbo 3-38 Bar Feeder

Steps to Adjust a Roller Steady on a Turbo 338 Bar Feeder

1 – Load bar stock into feed collet & lathe collet, clamped and on-center

2 – Remove housing door on nose-end of bar feeder by loosening 8mm set screws

3 – Enter MANUAL Mode on control panel by pressing F7 (screen will confirm this action)

4 – Press F8 to close the Roller Steadies

5 – Locate the Screw adjust knob towards back of nose housing

6 – Turn clockwise for larger bar material and counter clockwise for smaller bar material

7 – Test rollers with fingers to ensure optimal light roller tension

8 – Tighten lock screw on adjustment knob to maintain position

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