How We Work

Edge Technologies sells their bar feeder’s through machine tool OEM’s and dealers to achieve seamless mechanically and electronically integrated systems. We enlist their knowledge together with our own technical database of makes and models to help configure the system. We also take the time to understand the application requirements to make sure your getting the best-fit solution with the optimal accessories.

1. Purchase standard product line

Most dealers are familiar with our company and products. Specifically request an Edge Technology product from our standard catalogue or call us and we will help you select the right product and then collaborate with your dealer on the project.

2. Engineer a customized solution

In cases when a solution to your application goes beyond our standard product, we engineer custom bar feeding solutions. Explain your needs to your dealer or call us with your application and we’ll get the technical collaboration started with your dealer.

Our Process

1. Listen

We listen to your needs

Your machine tool dealer and their sales engineers will listen and seek to understand your bar feeding requirements or you can call Edge Technologies’ sales team and we will team up with your dealer by conveying your requirements.

What you should expect:

  • A response within 24 hours or less of contacting us.
  • A next step in communication as needed (conference call, e-mail, or face-to-face meeting).

2. Identify

We identify the best fit product

Once your dealer or Edge Technologies understands your needs, you will receive a proposal on the recommended model along with accessories and customizations as needed

What you should expect:

  • To receive specs for the model or models that align with the capacity and performance requirements of your application
3. Unite

We collaborate to refine the specifications

Next we will collaborate with your machine tool dealer to refine or clarify any specs or accessories and establish delivery lead-times.

What you should expect:

  • Receive expert guidance on what is absolutely necessary for your application and help landing on the bar feeding solution that meets your applications needs and ideal price point.
4. Delivery & Installation

We deliver your order

Edge Technologies stocks all standard bar feeder models and mist filtration systems. Once you place an order, we can deliver most standard products in 2-3 weeks and special orders in 12-16 weeks. Your particular lead time will depend on the specific model, accessories, and any customizations needed.

What you should expect:

  • A “Pre-Installation Checklist ” will be sent to you to help you prepare for the shipping, rigging, and installation of your magazine bar feeder. It contains everything you need to know about planning and achieving a successful installation.
  • Clear communication from your dealer and Edge Technologies about the delivery of your bar feeder and scheduling and dealer coordination of the installation
5. Tech Support

We provide “cradle-to-grave” technical support and service

We stand behind every product we sell and offer technical support, replacement parts, accessories, and field service to make sure your equipment remains productive for years to come.

If something isn’t right, we make it right.

What you should expect:

  • Efficient warranty resolution.
  • Technical help desk support during standard business hours
  • Knowledgeable parts & accessory order desk technician who will help get you the right part
  • Be treated the same whether you purchased your product yesterday or 20 years ago.