Customer Testimonial

Edge Technologies Turns Two-Step Application into Single Operation for Accurate Machine Products

Compay Name: Accurate Machine Products

Accurate Machine Products is a small but progressive machine shop, specializing in precision CNC machining, but offering a mix of manual machining to allow for both cost-effective and flexible manufacturing solutions.

Tim Drinkwater loves coming up with solutions, especially ones that aren’t readily available in the open market.

That’s why his shop, Accurate Machine Products, leverages a combination of both CNC and manual machining to allow for cost effective and flexible manufacturing solutions.

One customer application for Accurate Machine Products required 21’ lengths of aluminum pipe to be cut into 4’ sections – a production that chewed through a lot of raw stock, about 10 minutes per bar change. Previously, to produce the part, Tim would cut a 21’ pipe with a bandsaw, a process that took 10 minutes alone, then hand-feed the part twice into a CNC lathe.  Tim needed a bar feeder.

“Willing to Think Outside the Box” for a Customized Solution

Edge Technologies was able to turn this application into a single operation, supporting him with an FMB Turbo 5-65 20’ bar feeder, then helping him to extend it to 21’.  It is the perfect fit with his Mori ZT2500Y.

“Edge Technologies is willing to think outside the box to find the solution I needed,” Tim said. “Before I even acquired the unit, they talked me through what was possible.”

Now, Tim can process the 4’ part in a shorter amount of time than it took to saw cut the 21’ pipe – in essence, quadrupling his capacity.

“My new problem is I need more sales,” he joked.

“Edge Technologies is willing to think outside the box to find the solution I needed. Before I even acquired the unit, they talked me through what was possible. Now, thanks to the FMB Turbo 5-65, I’ve quadrupled my capacity.”

Tim Drinkwater

Owner, Accurate Machine Products

Rock Solid, with a Cast Iron Base that Makes It Super Durable and Adds Stability

The FMB Turbo 5-65 is rock solid, with a cast iron base that makes it super durable and adds stability.

“Sometimes I’ll be spinning (Electric Resistance Welded) ERW pipes, and you wouldn’t even know the bar feeder was running, it’s so quiet,” Tim said. “It’s surprising to me how quiet it is.”

From the start, Edge has been communicative. Right away, Tim connected to the person who had the information he needed to make a purchase decision. Since then, the support and service teams have been very responsive.

“I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than a day to get a call back on a parts request or any type of issue,” Tim said.

For one particular request, Tim only needed a segment of a guide channel. Edge secured him the segment without charging him for a whole new channel set.

“It’s been a great experience,” Tim said. “Edge’s insights and helpfulness have gained them a customer for life.”